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The Thyme plant looks like a small bush, with a woody base and small gray-green leaves. The essential oil is obtained by steam distillation of the aerial parts of the plant collected during flowering.


Thyme is a plant belonging to the Lamiaceae family, as well as Mint, Basil, Lavender and other species widely known for their scent or aroma. This characteristic derives from the presence, in the leaves, of structures producing essential oil. The term “Thyme” commonly refers to the Thymus vulgaris species. The origin of the name could derive from the Greek Thyein = to perfume or Thumon = taken as a sacrifice, in ancient Greece there was in fact the custom of burning Timo tufts in propitiatory bonfires.


He is powerfulantiviral, excellent againstinfectionschronic,cough: from several studies it has emerged that thanks to two components, carvacrol and thymol, the essence of Thyme is one of the most effective in inhibiting the growth and proliferation ofbacteria, in particular of theGram +.  It is an excellent mucolytic, making it particularly useful against diseases of therespiratory system. For this purpose it is advisable to carry out fumigations with a few drops of essential oil, in a pot of water brought almost to a boil.

Thyme essential oil istonicAndstimulating, therefore it is not suitable for aggressive or hyperactive temperatures. antiseptic, stimulates carminative activities, excellentaphrodisiac, anti anemic,   tends to raise blood pressure, accelerates metabolism in the liver and has neuroprotective properties.

He is a full blownantiviral, discreetdiuretic, antifugin,antioxidant, greatdiaphoretic, excellent against iparasites. Thanks to its propertiesanti-inflammatoryit is excellent to combine with other essential oils, such as wintergeen and rosemary, to fightrheumatic disordersAndjoint painthe; always conveyed within a carrier vegetable oil . 


Beauty offace,body,hair: The ability of 10 different essential oils to inhibit the bacterium responsible for acne was evaluated in a study. Thyme proved to be the most effective, acting at the lowest dilution. To exploit this property it is sufficient to add 1-2 drops of EO every 100 g / 100 ml of neutral base cream or vegetable oil, to be applied on the face; always avoiding contact with eyes and mucous membranes.

Thanks to its stimulating activities on the capillaries, it can also be used to improve circulation, both in the legs and in the scalp.

An invigorating massage oil for the body can be prepared by mixing almond or coconut oil with 1% Thyme OE. While for the hair just dilute 4 drops of EO in the dose of a spoonful of shampoo (about 15 ml).


Seasoning fromkitchen: Thyme have traditionally been used to flavor meat and fish. Since there are many different types, which vary in organoleptic characteristics, it can be combined with many recipes of main courses. Adding thyme leaves to legumes during cooking facilitates their digestion in the intestine, as can be done by flavoring olive oil with thyme essential oil to be used to season legumes after cooking. Butter flavored with Thyme essential oil is also excellent, for seasoning first courses or fish.

A help in thegardening: Carvacrol and thymol have also been shown to be able to neutralize the larvae of various insect species. A drop of essence diluted in a teaspoon of pure alcohol, and mixed with the water for watering the plants, distributed on their leaves, can be useful in controlling infestations.

How to use

Diffusion: 3 drops of essential oil in an ultrasonic diffuser  to support the immune system.

Topical use: dilute with a ratio of 1: 4 (one drop of essential oil with 4 drops of carrier oil). Further dilute for children and for people with sensitive skin. Apply on the area to be treated or on the reflex points.

Internal use: put 1 - 2 drops under the tongue or take in capsules, use as a flavoring in the kitchen.

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WARNINGS   Possible skin sensitivity. Keep out of reach of children. If you are pregnant, nursing or have medical assistance, consult your doctor. Avoid contact with eyes, inside of ears and sensitive areas . 

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