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Sharing essential oils is a unique experience so the dōTERRA founders have come up with an equally unique sales model. Networking was chosen, a model of direct sharing that allows "dōTERRA Wellness Advocates" to weave new relationships with people sharing the same interest, rather than using a traditional sales model, where products, even if valid, are displayed in any online shop or window to be "abandoned to themselves ". DōTERRA essential oils deserve attention, they must be tried and explained to be loved and to understand the importance they can play in daily use. This more individual and personalized approach therefore allows you to experience firsthand the incredible power of essential oils while developing relationships of trust between people. This model of sharing has created the opportunity to achieve financial independence goals for over 4 million wellness advocates who use and share their experiences of using dōTERRA products around the world. Networking is  really simple to assimilate because it is based on something we do practically every day: word of mouth and sharing something that has value for us. And the value of dōTERRA oils is a certainty. Have you ever found yourself comfortable in a restaurant and enthusiastically talking about it to a friend or suggesting a certain shop or product that has particularly pleased you? Network marketing is based on exactly this, with the big difference that you earn, sometimes very well, for what you do.

You must notto buy


You must notSell

Sharealoneyour Experiences

withEssential oils

aloneif you love them, of course


Become part of the familydōTERRAas a wellness consultant it can bring you not only personal benefits, but also gives you the opportunity to build a solid and rewarding business. Here you will find some resources you will need on how to become a wellness advocate, step by step.

Who is a Wellness AdvocatedōTERRA?

A dōTERRA wellness consultant or Wellness Advocate, is a person who participates in the program of  this fantastic company with the purpose of sharing  the well-being achieved in a natural way by realizing at the time himself an excellent income through this occupation. He is undoubtedly a health enthusiast who loves to take care of people! A dōTERRA Wellness Consultant is committed to sharing the benefits that therapeutic-grade essential oils generously infuse into the individual. They do this by sharing the world's finest oils, developed by highly experienced botanists, chemists, health scientists and healthcare professionals.

The wellness consultant is often an excellent communicator, offering educational opportunities to all those interested in learning how therapeutic-grade essential oils can be used as a viable alternative to the invasion of synthetic chemicals that we use extensively on a daily basis.

A Wellness Advocate does not sell dōTERRA products but shares their experiences with those who want to improve their existence through the use of natural substances.

Growing up, you gradually reach the different levels of the generous compensation plan, thus becoming the leader of your own group that will be formed.

How to become a wellness consultant?

When you sign up with dōTERRA, you can choose between two locations:Wellness Advocate(Client and Wellness Consultant) oWellness Customer(Customer exclusively interested in purchasing the products).

If you are interested in working with us, you will need to open a Wellness Advocate account.

A dōTERRA account is NEVER binding, there are no obligations, deadlines or unfair clauses of any kind. Your dōTERRA Wellness Advocate position will give youall the freedom in the world.

dōTERRA is an amazing business opportunity .  It can become one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. You will be able to make an excellent income, enjoy great flexibility working from anywhere in the world, you can choose how to manage your time. Surprisingly, one of the most rewarding experiences will be the new friends you can count on. You will join onecommunity of good people, lovers ofnature, of thesustainability, eager to do well and pass on to others how to obtain, gradually, step by step,   thephysical and emotional well-beingthanks to the use of this great gift that nature gives us, you just need to collect it!


dōTERRA has an extraordinary team culture. There are many resources, groups and people willing to help you on your journey. We at Purolioessenziale work closely with the people who are part of our group.


We want to tell you right away that dōTERRA is not a get-rich-quick opportunity. To reach a level that gives you important economic satisfactions, it takes seriousness, work, perseverance, commitment and ability. If you are willing to test yourself and work with us, you can create an absolutely interesting income from ZERO. We have helped and are helping many people to make great profits. If you can,   we can too. This makes us very interested in helping you achieve your goals.

How is an income made withdōTERRA? As well-being advocates doto earn?


Making money with dōTERRA is fun and rewarding. The beauty is that you can build your own independent business without worrying about carrying out inventory, shipping, warehouse, customer service, accounting, legal, and other issues related to starting a traditional business. Let someone else take care of this. You can focus solely on helping people live better, healthier lives by having high-quality essential oils in their routine.

There are4differententereconomic.


Before we get into the details of how we all get paid, we need to discussPV or Personal Volumeof the product eCV o Commissionable volume. Each product has a PV and CV value. dōTERRA pays on a CV basis. For most oils, each Euro spent corresponds to approximately 1 PV, therefore 1 € = 1 PV.A monthly order must be placed in order for dōTERRA accrued commissions to be credited LRP (Loyalty program)of at least 100 PV, therefore around € 100.It is not mandatory to buy every month, but if you want to capitalize on the commissions you earn with the new customers you bring to dōTERRA, this is the only small investment to consider. The monthly order is considered by some as "management costs" which include the raw material we need to work: essential oils and its derivatives (creams, supplements, SPA products, etc.), products that we will use personally, every day, in any case. our well-being and that of our loved ones, as well as to learn something new about their use, to experiment, to then share and let new potential customers try. If compared to the fixed costs of any other activity, such as the rent of the premises, goods in the warehouse, fixed costs of utilities and much more, we see that the sum of about € 100 per month is a very low amount to launch your own independent business.

Moreover, this expense, once you acquire the first customers who will generate commissions and PV with their shopping, once  will self-support with the money you earn from each of their purchases and set aside in your dōTERRA account. At that point you will get the oils or any other dōTERRA product, then the monthly purchaseLRPof about 100 PV / € uro,   without putting your hand in your wallet, forever! Not bad, right?


So let's go back to the dōTERRA earnings:

1) FAST START: When a person with whom you have shared your oil experience opens a dōTERRA account and purchases oils or a kit, they generate a commission called “FAST START”. This commission, corresponding to about 20% on the CV of the expense incurred by the new member, is immediately paid to the enroller (ie you!). If a person you introduce, for example, buys 200 CVs, you will immediately be paid around € 40. The FAST START commission is paid for the first 60 days on everything that the person you refer orders. FAST START is paid by dōTERRA weekly. After 60 days. subsequent purchases by the same person will fall under the Unilevel bonus compensation scheme, forever, as we will see below.


2)POWER of 3: (orPower of 3): This is a bonus generated by commission from monthly purchases (LRPs) made by the people you introduce to dōTERRA. For example, if you have registered 3 people in your team that will gradually form, and each of these orders products for at least € 130 per month, you can get an extra € 40 bonus. So if these three people in turn have introduced another 3 people into dōTERRA who also buy monthly for at least € 130, they also each receive a € 40 bonus, while you receive a € 200 bonus. If these 3 people each receive their € 200 bonus for the commissions generated by the people they sign up for, then you will receive a bonus of € 1200.


3)Unilevel Bonus: This is where your main income comes from.

As you enroll people and your team grows, you start earning on UNILEVEL. This is simply the commission plan paid on the overall volume of all purchases made by your team (except for those made in the first 60 days as they have already been paid with the FAST START commission we saw in point 1).

You get paid from 2% to 7% for all orders placed up to 7th level. As your team grows, most of your income will come from here.


4)Leadership Bonus: dōTERRA recognizes leadership bonuses on a monthly basis for the rank you are in that month. Pay bonuses from € 130 for Silver up to € 25,000 for Presidential Diamond.

Upon registering with Wellness Advocate, you will need to provide dōTERRA with your tax code, as once the threshold of 5 thousand euros in commissions has been exceeded, you will have to open a VAT number subject to a reduced taxation of 17.5% on your earnings. Up to this threshold you are not subject to any taxation.

Building a solid business with dōTERRA is achievable for anyone willing to put in the time and effort required. Reaching level D, BD, and PD (see below) is not within everyone's reach, but those with the right qualities and motivations succeed. By participating in online and live meetings, when possible, you will realize that all this is absolutely real and demonstrable, you will be able to compare yourself with people like you who have achieved these goals and learn to grow to achieve them in the shortest time possible.

This is the compensation plan of how much you could earn if you take what we are proposing seriously:

Piano compensi1.png
Piano compensi 2.png

We have seen that by sharing the pleasure of using the oilsdōTERRAwith whomever you want, once you reach the rank of Elite you can easily pay for the monthly LRP order with the credit accumulated in your account without having to put your hand to your wallet. Once we reach the following ranks, on average over a period of 6-18 months, we are talking about Premier and Silver, the revenues will gradually increase, doubling at each level passage. Click on the Compensation Plan video below to better understand:

How to become a wellness consultantdōTERRA?

You can become a dōTERRA wellness consultant by joining the group of a supporter you are in contact with (we at Purolioessenziale for example!) Who can provide yourtrainingand the extra value you will need to be successful.

If you have arrived here and have had the opportunity to visit our site which we hope has provided you with information and ideas of interest to you, we atPurolioessentialwe would be happy to be with you, part of this ambitious project.

The next steps will allow you to1) create an accountwithin dōTERRA, then2) make a small initial investment by purchasing a kitwhich contains the essential oils you like, to start having experiences to share later with the people you deem appropriate. Order an introductory kit, such as Home Essentials Kit it is perhaps the best way to start, because it is composed of the most used oils and moreover, ryou will receive the diffuser for free.

We, if you need it, will always be close to you. You can count on a group of people with experience also in the medical field, as well as a vast collection of informative material, people who like you want to grow in this environment, so that you can day after day achieve the success you deserve.

Wellness Advocate: support, training and benefits

We provide our teams with many resources to help them achieve success:


  -Personal mentoring- If you are willing to devote time to your dōTERRA business, we will devote time to you. We will run with you at the speed you need on your journey.


  -TrainingOnline: We have created programs, training courses and videos, all designed to give you access to the best information available on all aspects of starting a business. We do webinars and you can participate in specific courses.


  -Group support: We have a Facebook group where you can ask questions and connect with other people on the same journey as you.


  -Product training- Each person introduced by you can count on a wellness consultation  to help them learn about their oils, especially those most suitable for the person himself. We provide lectures, webinars and groups to help everyone on their journey into the world of oils.

There is also the possibility to participate on your own by registering directly on the dōTERRA website, which means that you will be entered  in the tree  so-called "orphan" and will be assigned to you random a  assistance figure to work with.

How much does it cost to register?


Opening a dōTERRA Account requires oneregistration fee of 25 €. This account will not only allow you to earn, it will give you access to wholesale prices withdiscounts of 25%compared to retail prices. It is therefore an amount that you recover quickly. Furthermore, if at the time of registration you purchase an essential oil kit, this amount is deducted from the final price, thereforeregistration costs you nothing.

Become a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate in 5 minutes!

To open a dōTERRA accountclick

and follow these simple steps:

1) What is your preferred language? select: Italian

2) Where will your products be shipped? select: Europe >> Italy >> continue

3) Select the Independent Product Consultant (IPC) option if you wish to sign up as  Wellness Advocate to work at dōTERRA.

4) Enter your personal data by filling in the fields with a red asterisk including the shipping address

5) Under "enter enroller ID" and under "enter your sponsor's ID" you will find the code: 2453231. This is our ID, you will become part of a group of enthusiasts and you can take advantage of our assistance and training included free meetings and webinars on essential oils.

6) Create and confirm password>> continue

Click on the box where you agree to the terms and conditions of sale (NEVER constraints, obligations, deadlines or unfair terms of any kind. Your dōTERRA account will give you all the freedom in the world!). You can of course cancel your account at any time, without any obligation on your part.

The only commitment to validate your earned commissions is the monthly purchase we talked about. Transparency first of all. If you don't buy, absolutely nothing happens.

On the next page you can choose between two options:

a) select the "Essential booklet" registration method at a cost of € 25 which includes the registration fee and the dōTERRA catalog translated into Italian. Then proceed with the selection of the individual products

(option not recommended as it is less convenient unless you want to buy a single product)



b) choose the purchase of a essential oil kit where the registration fee is free, saving up to € 92 depending on the kit you choose.

We obviously recommend this option where, in the face of an initial investment that can be modulated according to your needs and possibilities, you will obtain the double advantage of (1) bringing home a selection of useful oils for different needs (2) saving compared to the sum of the purchase of individual oils, in addition to the initial savings on the cost of enrollment.


7) To add more products, enter them in the empty line below the kit (writing for example diffuser Pilot, Fractionated Coconut Oil, etc) continue >>

Once you have made your choice, you can proceed with the payment:

  • by credit card (including prepaid cards such as Postepay etc): the order is immediately processed and sent within 1/3 working days (recommended option)

  • by bank transfer: this option requires the order to be sent after receipt of payment (approximately one week).


Below you will find a screen where you can schedule a monthly order if you want.

The monthly order orLRP(Loyalty Reward Program, the loyalty program  dōTERRA) offers you some benefits such as free dōTERRA products every month and the ability to accumulate points to be used for future purchases.

As previously mentioned,LRPIt is NOT mandatory and this step can be safely ignored as it can also be set later.

Choose the shipment you prefer:

  • Standard shipping via BRT courier, delivery in about 5 days

  • Premium shipping with DHL express courier, delivery in max 3 working days

Shipping costs are ALWAYS reimbursed in POINTSon your account and you can use them asCashfor subsequent purchases.

If you have any problems during registration you can contact the Italian dōTERRA customer service at: 0426 270026 (Monday - Friday from 2 to 10 pm) remember to have our code 2453231 at hand.

Welcome Bonus:when opening your account we will contact you for a free personal (online) consultation! we will also invite you to a Webinar to start using your essential oils! ​

Do you need help? Contact us, we are here to help you! Contact us for a free consultation to start enjoying natural well-being.

Contact us!

Thanks, we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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