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The dōTERRA therapeutic essential oils are among the most safe, pure and effective essential oils available today. They help the body to eliminate toxins and stimulate the immune system, thus activating the powers of self-healing. They are therefore a powerful remedy for both the body and the psyche. They are created by Nature and extracted under the supervision of experts who, once the quality has been tested, do not try to improve a product considered in its essence already perfect.

Their health effects are not the result of an autosuggestion or placebo effect, but of a real one therapeutic action as demonstrated by solid scientific research and numerous experiments.
DōTERRA Essential Oils contain pure, natural aromatic compounds, carefully extracted from plants. They do not contain solvents which reduce their effectiveness and are not contaminated by pesticides and other chemical residues. dōTERRA works closely with a global network of chemists, botanists and farmers to select optimal plant species that grow in an ideal environment and are carefully harvested at the right time.
The aromatic compounds of the plants are then extracted by expert distillers and subjected to chemical analyses to ensure purity and composition.

Using essential oils of dubious origin is strongly discouraged as there is a high risk of running into allergic reactions, dermatitis and poisoning due to the adulteration of these liquids (the term essential oil does not suit these products!) in the bottles. For example, be wary of those sets consisting of a certain number of bottles for a few Euros as it is simply impossible for you to buy 100% pure extracts of what is shown on the label. More likely you would buy a product made from synthetic chemistry.

Who is dōTERRA?

In the spring of 2008, the seven dōTERRA founders who already shared personal experiences on the benefits of essential oils in many aspects of life, decided to capitalize on their knowledge and expertise in healthcare for some and business for others. with the aim of creating a new reference standard  regarding the world of essential oils. The pact that ensued was that they would undertake to supply only essential oils of absolute quality and purity so that families could be sure of using only the best essences to promote the health and well-being of their loved ones. This commitment has led to the creation of a new quality standard, previously non-existent: CPTG Certified Pure Tested Grade, (Degree of Purity Tested and Certified). With this concept in mind they created

a company to which they gave the name of dōTERRA, an expression of Latin origin that means gift of the earth. On the 25th April 2008, 25 single oils and 10 blends were launched on the market and were immediately greeted with enthusiasm by essential oil experts and lovers of these products who immediately recognized the superior quality of these certified grade oils. Since then, dōTERRA has continued to create new wellness products and broaden its offering with significant growth that has rewarded the efforts involved.


Purity test

The purity and therapeutic value of an essential oil are determined, among other things, by its natural chemical components. These components are subject to a series of variables: the parts of the plant from which the oil is obtained, the soil conditions and the fertilization method (biological or chemical), the geographical region, the climate, the altitude, the time of the harvest, method and extraction process. For example, thyme (Thymus vulgaris) produces different chemical components depending on growing conditions, climate and altitude. A high thymol content depends on the season in which it is distilled. The late fall distillation results in higher levels of carvocrol, which makes the oil more irritating to the skin. However, it only represents half of the formula. Purity also plays a very important role. dōTERRA provides users with ​​analysis bulletin of each batch of oil. The quality of an inhaled oil, applied to the skin or taken in capsules does not allow for compromises.


How can I check the analyzes performedon essential oilsdōTERRA?

All you have to do is enter the batch number indicated on the bottom of your essential oil bottle on the site and then look at all the analyzes carried out on the lot to which the oil in your hands belongs. Due to their purity and concentration, they are considered one of the most effective forms of natural medicine.

How can the qualities and purity of an essential oil be altered?

If solvents or other synthetic elements are diluted in an essential oil with the intention of obtaining a larger quantity, its purity is affected. In this way the therapeutic properties of the oil are also altered. Furthermore, since the vast majority of extracted oils are used in perfumery, these oils are purchased exclusively for their fragrance properties.
Unnecessarily high pressure and temperature during distillation, rapid processes and the use of chemical solvents often characterize the extraction process, so that more oil can be obtained in the shortest possible time. Through these processes the quality of the essential oil obtained is irremediably altered.
These oils may smell good and be sold at an affordable price, butthey do not offer the desired therapeutic benefits. On the contrary, when used for therapeutic purposes,can cause adverse health effects. Producing 100% pure essential oil can be very expensive, as it often takes hundreds of kilograms of plant material to extract a liter of essential oil.

Another good reason

to choose dōTERRA

DōTERRA commitment to providing the safest, purest, most natural and potent essential oils on the market does not end with the fulfillment of this mission. The commitment is also to offer ethical and fair treatment for farmers and distillers who produce excellent essential oils. In dōTERRA it is often said: “well-being on the other side of the bottle”. We know their intent in obtaining the best essential oils on the market for the well-being of the consumer, carefully evaluating the quality of the plants and the effectiveness of technological processes such as cultivation, harvesting, distillation, packaging, and conservation. This is a part of the bottle. To achieve the double objective linked to well-being, the social and environmental impact that this activity likely caused was considered. The idea is that the commitment to quality begins long before the seeds are planted.


The other part of the bottle is certainly linked to the living conditions that this activity probably affects the local populations of developing countries, the origin of origin of most of the oils.

dōTERRA, considering the social and environmental impact, has developed a strategy called Co-Impact Sourcing with the aim of creating cooperatives of independent growers, essence collectors and distillers, with the aim of avoiding the need to resort to intermediaries without of scruples, whose intent is often aimed at paying as little as possible the fruit of their hard work. dōTERRA“Co-Impact Sourcing” in this way allows local communities to receive fair and timely payments in support of their crops and their crops. It also makes a direct and immediate impact on the community itself, providing the resources, tools and training necessary to ensure lasting collaboration.


dōTERRA Healing Hands Foundation is a non-profit organization  committed to improving lives through partnerships with organizations that offer hope to millions of people around the world.

The goal of dōTERRA Healing Hands is to try to bring healing and hope to the world, free from disease and poverty and to provide communities most in need with the tools they need to become independent. dōTERRA International, bears all administrative costs of the dōTERRA Heart Healing Foundation, ensuring that 100% of all donations go directly to those who need help.

How to buy?

All essential products and oils are ordered directly on the dōTERRA website to guarantee consumers the correct integrity and conservation of the products themselves.

Be wary of anyone offering dōTERRA products outside of this only permitted sales channel: buying oils from third parties such as on Ebay or Amazon, to name the most well-known platforms, you run the risk of receiving products diluted with different substances, adulterated, improperly stored or even non-original. If your intent is to obtain products of the highest quality, supported and guaranteed by customer service attentive to your needs,it is simply not convenient.

If you decide for dōTERRA quality, please contact dōTERRA.

Plus, when you shop on the dōTERRA website, the benefits are greater: participating in the loyalty program LRP (recurring monthly orderof at least 50 PV, not mandatory) you will have the opportunity to convert 10% to 30% of the value of each order into points, points that you can later use as cash for further future purchases. It's like receiving other products for free, a nice saving!

Another benefit is the shipping cost which  will be refunded in points, so your PV (value points) account will further increase. If you then place a monthly order of at least 125 PV by the 15th of the month, you will receive the selected dōTERRA product for free. It is not mandatory to place a monthly order, to keep your accumulated PV it will be sufficient to make a purchase of at least 1 PV (1 PV =   1 € approximately) per month.

In short, LRP savings (Monthly Loyalty Program) works like this:

- only condition: at least 1 PV / 1 € of expenditure to keep the account active with the accumulated points;

- at least 50 PV spent (not mandatory) to get points to accumulate on your account (up to 30% of your order so for example an order of 60 € = about 18 € discount in points);

- 125 PV to receive the product of the month for free;

- shipping costs re-credited to the account in points;

For members only LRP, the opportunity to participate in exclusive offers BOGO 2x1 (buy 1 get 1 free)

The LRP loyalty program really rewards you with what you are most interested in: discounts and benefits, offers of the month, free products and much more.

In conclusion, buying on the dōTERRA website costs less and the quality guarantee is included in the price!

Shopping dōTERRA NEVER binds, there are no minimum quantities that can be purchased, limits of any kind, obligations, deadlines or unfair clauses of any kind. Your dōTERRA account will give you all the freedom in the world.


You are ALWAYS free to buy or not, at your convenience. However, we are convinced that we will spend time together and you will enjoy taking care of yourself more and more through these powerful natural essences.

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