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The Siberian fir is a tall, light-colored conifer native to Russia and Canada. Siberian Fir essential oil has a woody and refreshing scent, renowned for its calming and relaxing properties. Most of the relaxing benefits of Siberian Fir essential oil are due to its exceptional chemical composition, mainly made up of bornyl acetate. Siberian Fir has an emollient effect on the skin, which makes it an ideal essential oil to use for massage.


The essential oil of Siberian fir facilitates thebreathing, calms emotional states and has an effectrebalancing. The Siberian Fir carries out a powerful action ofrespiratory tract disinfectionand is used to combat important diseases, such assinusitis, thelaryngitisor thebronchitischronic. It is also effective againstdry cough.



Antiseptic  for the respiratory tract: the terpenes contained in this essential oil fight bacteria and viruses that attack the respiratory tract and limit their proliferation.

Decongestantof the respiratory tract: terpenes act specifically against diseases of the respiratory system, favoring the expulsion of mucus and thus freeing the respiratory tract.

Anti-inflammatory: Siberian Fir essential oil contains bornyl acetate, a monoterpenic ester that regulates the body's inflammatory response in case of aggression by an external agent and calms the sensation of heat and redness associated with it.

Antispasmodic:   bornile acetate acts on the respiratory tract, fighting against spasms and reducing involuntary muscle contractions due to cough, but also on the nervous system, through ion channels and various receptors.

Bronchitis and ENT infections
Skin application: Dilute 1 drop of essential oil in 4 drops of dōTERRA Fractionated Coconut Oil and apply to the solar plexus, 2 times a day until improvement is noticed



Aromatic:add 3 - 4 drops in a diffuser.

Internal use:take in capsules or dilute one drop in 125 ml of liquid.

Topical use:it can be applied pure, for sensitive skin diluted with carrier oil at a ratio of 1: 1


For the massage, mix 5 drops in 10ml of carrier oil

For the bath, mix 10 drops with epsom salt and add to the water

To perfume, mix 1 drop with 10ml of carrier oil

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WARNINGS  Can create skin sensitivity problems. Keep out of reach of children. Before use, consult your doctor if you are breastfeeding or during drug treatment. It should not be used during pregnancy.

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