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The essential oil of neroli is obtained from Citrus aurantium, a plant of the Rutaceae family. Known for its numerous properties, it has a calming, rebalancing and regenerating action, useful against stress and menstrual pain. The bitter orange differs from the sweet one (Citrus sinesins, the oranges we eat) for the longer thorns at the axil of the leaves, due to their darker color,   for a more intense perfume than leaves and flowers, for the more colorful and rougher skin of the fruit, but above all for the particular bitter taste of the pulp. Evergreen plant, which can reach a height of five or six meters. The leaves are dark green, oval, shiny, with a serrated edge. The flowers are white and very fragrant. The fruits turn from green to yellow when ripe, they are oval, yellow and contain numerous cloves rich in juice. Plant of oriental origins, it is very common in the countries of the Mediterranean basin, where it is widely cultivated.


dōTERRA Neroli Touch combines pure Neroli essential oil with fractionated coconut oil in a convenient roll-on applicator bottle. Derived from the bitter orange blossom, Neroli has a sweet, fresh and floral aroma. Interestingly, two other citrus oils also come from the same tree: petitgrain from leaves and twigs and bitter orange from orange peel. Although other oils come from the same source, neroli remains rare among citrus oils. Neroli Touch can be used to soothe the skin and reduce the appearance of blemishes. Neroli is also known to encourage relaxation and improve mood.


Properties and benefits

Rebalancingon the nervous system, theneroli essential oildōTERRA is indicated after mental fatigue and psychic tension, against fear, anxiety disorders, depression and calm thoughts in moments of confusion. Bring peace to your heart, cheerfulness and consoling optimism. In afflictions it helps us to relieve the burden. It strengthens us in situations where we see no way out. It exerts an effective calming action in case of emotional disturbances, nervousness,insomnia,hypertension,tachycardia,stress.Reconcile thesleepand it is very useful in case of overexcited children who fall asleep with difficulty.

Calming useful in the treatment ofpsychosomatic disordersaffecting the digestive system (cramps, digestive disorders of nervous origin, colonirritable,meteorism), Whyrelaxes the musclesand free from nervous tension. It is ideal for a relaxing massage and to massage the belly in case ofspasms, indigestion emenstrual cramps.

Cell regenerating, very well tolerated in case ofsensitive and irritated skin;scars,dry or aged skin, tones, deodorizes. It can be used in the preparation of princelybeauty maskswith honey or in addition to nourishing creams, or in vegetable massage oils for inflamed or delicate skin.

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Gym bag idea

Do you go to the gym? Neroli Touch is indispensable in the gym bag! Apply Neroli Touch before a workout to stay positive or have it on hand at the end of the workout to make the most of its natural aroma and lift the mood

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How to use


  • Keep your skin looking its best by applying Neroli Touch before using your moisturizer to reduce the appearance of blemishes

  • Combine Neroli Touch with Lavender, Ylang Ylang and Marjoram essential oils for a relaxing and aromatic massage experience.

  • Apply throughout the day to lift the mood and enjoy the sweet citrus scent

  • For the bath, mix 8 drops with epsom salt and add to the water

  • Use Neroli Touch every day as your new personal fragrance.

WARNINGS   Possible skin sensitivity. Keep out of reach of children. If you are pregnant, nursing or have medical assistance, consult your doctor. Avoid contact with the eyes, the inside of the ears and sensitive areas. Neroli oil is photosensitizing, so don't apply it to your skin before sun exposure.

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