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Nardo or Nardostachys jatamansi is a plant with pink bell-shaped flowers that belongs to the valerian family. This plant originates in Asian countries such as China, Nepal, Himalaya and India where it grows at altitudes of about 3000 meters. The cultivation of these flowers is closely linked to the production of fragrances and perfumes. The plant can reach three meters in height, its stems and rhizomes are the main ingredient for the distillation of the essential oil, an amber-colored liquid with an intense aroma. This aroma has a characteristic sweet and spicy smell similar to musk.

One of the biggest benefits of Nard or Spikenard essential oil is its ability to promote feelings of relaxation and calm, making it ideal for aromatherapy and meditation. in India the nard has been used for centuries to anoint the skin of people of high rank as well as in Ayurvedic practices. Today the oil is commonly used in cosmetics and relaxing massages due to its woody and moldy scent. Nard is also known to promote clean and healthy skin.



1. Fights insomnia.

DōTERRA Nard or Spikenard Essential Oil can have a positive effect on insomnia due to its sedative properties. Sleep quality is just as important as quantity. Suffering frominsomniait is an increasingly common problem and is often linked to various factors such as stress, digestive problems, sugary foods, pain or lack of physical activity.

2. Useful against free radicals.

The essential oil of nard has a hypotensive capacity or is able to lower blood pressure. The extracts of this flower are also able to fight inflammation and according to new research they have antioxidant properties.  Protect the body fromfree radicalsit is essential to stay healthy, and prevent the damage of oxidative stress. In 2012, some scientific studies highlighted how the Nardo rhizomes are able to fight free radicals, substances responsible for premature aging, capable of damaging the tissues of the body.


3. Natural antifungal

In support of the antifungal and antibacterial properties of nard oil there is a study by the Western Regional Research Center in California, which examined nearly one hundred essential oils. The efficacy against bacterial growth has also been confirmed against Campylobacter jejuni, un  bacterium  responsible for food poisoning.

Baths and foot baths with nard essential oil can also be useful in case of nail fungus or athlete's foot. For use, simply add a few drops of nard essential oil to hot water.

4. It is used in Ayurvedic medicine

Nard oil has been used for centuries as a natural remedy for various diseases:

  • Promote theperiodand the secretion of estrogen

  • Aphrodisiac, useful against erectile dysfunction, promotes reproductive health

  • It soothes inflammation

  • Cleaning of the uterus and to eliminate swelling


5.Useful against inflammation

Inflammation is the basis of most diseases and can be particularly dangerous if it occurs on vital systems such as the nervous and respiratory systems. In 2010, the extracts in the nard were used in the treatment of acute pancreatitis, an inflammation of the pancreas. The findings suggest that nard extracts weakened the impact of acute pancreatitis, and potentially associated symptoms as well, effectively promoting nard as an agent.natural anti-inflammatory

6.Natural laxative

The relaxing and digestive properties of dōTERRA nard oil can potentially be useful in promoting intestinal regularity. Synthetic laxatives usually tend to dry out the intestinal wall, while nard extracts can help us get more spontaneous traffic through the colon.


7.For those who feel restless

DōTERRA Nard Essential Oil is an ideal remedy for those who are tense or feel particularly aggressive as it can quell those feelings of restlessness or depression that can overwhelm us in moments of particular vulnerability. The first step to restore serenity to ourselves is to relieve stress, we can therefore take advantage of the sedative properties of nard oil through diffusion, using a blend of essential oils of nard, galangal, patchouli and sandalwood.

8. Useful for the skin

Topical use of nard oil is recommended for some skin problems, such as eczema and dermatitis. It is also used in making creams or solutions, adding two drops of essential oil withcoconut oildōTERRA fractional or other carrier oil.

How to use

  • Aromatherapy: Diffuse 5 drops of dōTERRA Nard Essential Oil or inhale directly from the bottle.

  • Antiseptic: Rub 1-2 drops of dōTERRA Nard or Spikenard Oil into wound twice daily.

  • As a soothing: inhale 2 drops of oil or add 5 drops to a diffuser.

  • For Breathing: Dilute 3 drops of nard in carrier oil and apply to chest.

  • Massage oil: dilute 5 drops of nard oil in a tablespoon of coconut fractionated oil. It is great for relieving headaches, muscle aches and menstrual cramps.

  • To lower blood pressure: massage 2 drops of nard oil on your feet or prepare a warm foot bath by pouring 3 drops of oil.

  • For the bath, mix 8 drops with epsom salt and add to the water. Relax your mind and help with restlessness and insomnia.

  • For the skin: combine a drop of oil in a moisturizer for a healthy and smooth skin.

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Warnings   Possible skin sensitivity. Keep out of reach of children. If you are pregnant, nursing or having medical treatment, consult your physician. Avoid contact with eyes, the inside of the ears and sensitive areas.

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