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Coriander (Coriandrum sativum) or Chinese parsley is an annual herbaceous plant of the family ofApiaceae(orUmbelliferae). It belongs to the same family as thecumin, ofdill, of thefennelhe was born inparsley. Coriandrum is a wordLatinquoted byPliny(Naturalis Historia), which has its roots in the wordGreekcorys or korios (bedbug) followed by the suffix -ander (resembling), referring to the supposed similarity of the smell emanating from unripe fruits or rubbing the leaves.

The essential oil ofCoriander is extracted from the seedsof the plant unlike the essential oil ofCilantro which is extracted from the leavesof the same plant.

In Mediterranean civilizations it found use since ancient times as an aromatic and medicinal plant; in some Egyptian tombs it is depicted as a ritual offering. Its use by theMycenaeansit is attested in the tablets inlinear B, where it appears already defined as "ko-ri-a-ndo-no". The Romans used it a lot andApiciusmakes it the basis of a condiment called "Coriandratum".


Thanks to hisfeatures antisepticsCoriander OE favors an actionantifermentativein the intestine, eliminating the air and reducing theabdominal spasms.Furthermore, it is able to increase gastric secretion thus facilitating digestive processes.

Coriander has an effectanalgesicit's aantibacterial,antirheumatic,antifungal, stimulant of the heart, circulatory and nervous systems.

It has anti-inflammatory and sedative properties.

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How to use

Diffusion: use three to four drops in the diffuser

Topical use: It can be applied pure (without diluting it) on the area to be treated or on the reflex points

Internal use: add a drop of oil in 125 ml of liquid and drink slowly after a large meal

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Warnings   Possible skin sensitivity. Keep out of reach of children. If you are pregnant, nursing or having medical treatment, consult your physician. This spice with remarkable properties is  not recommended for breastfeeding women, as it can alter the taste of milk. Avoid contact with the eyes, the inside of the ears and sensitive areas.

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