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Turmeric (Curcuma longa) is a plant native to India, belonging to the Zingiberacce family. It has a rhizome and is characterized by lanceolate, shiny leaves of a beautiful light green color. Turmeric flowers are also known as Siamese Tulips.Turmeric has a long history having been used for many years as a medicine, as a spice and as a dye. Turmeric essential oil is a natural beneficial agent and its effects are now known, in fact theantitumor effectit's one of the most promising around.

Turmeric contains at least 20 antibiotic molecules, 14 anti-tumor molecules, 12 anti-inflammatory molecules and possesses at least 10 different types of antioxidants along with vitamins, phenols and alkaloids. Turmeric essential oil has propertiesantibacterial,antimicrobials,antifungal,pesticides,antiviralsAndantiallergic. It is also a powerful relaxing and rebalancing. In Ayurvedic medicine, for example, this energizing herb is used to compensate for the imbalances of individuals of the Kapha type.


1.Support for arthritis and joint pain

Traditionally turmeric is used in Indian and Chinese Ayurvedic medicine  to treat arthritis since the active components of turmeric block inflammatory cytokines and enzymes. For this turmeric essential oil is considered all over theone of the world's best essential oils for arthritis treatment.

Studies show turmeric's ability to help reduce pain, inflammation and stiffness related to rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. One of them evaluates  the anti-arthritic effects of turmeric essential oil and shows that administered orally with a dosage corresponding to 5000mg daily in humans, it has a positive and modest anti-inflammatory effect on the joints of the animals tested .

2.Improve liver health

Turmeric is well known in the world of solo medicine for its abilities in helping improve liver function. The liver is the vital organ that most detoxifies our organism  and therefore its health conditions that of the rest of the body. Studies have shown that turmeric is hepatoprotective, partly due to its anti-inflammatory activity. Some specific research on methotrexate (an antimetabolite widely used in the treatment of cancer and autoimmune diseases) and the toxicity caused by it to the liver, shows


how turmeric acts as a protector of the liver, working to detoxify and purify it preventively. The fact that turmeric can protect the liver from such a powerful chemical shows how amazing it is as a natural support for this essential organ.Furthermore, studies carried out on animals have shown how the antioxidant enzymes present in the blood and serum of the treated subjects are increased in number following the administration of the essential oil of turmeric. This essential oil was also shown to be effective on antioxidant enzymes in the liver tissues of rats after a 30-day administration. The combination of these findings explains why turmeric oil is believed to be useful in the treatment and prevention of liver disease.


3.Prevention of neurological disorders

Studies have shown that turmerone, one of the major bioactive components of turmeric oil, inhibits the activation of microglia. Microglia are a type of cells distributed in the brain and spinal cord that take care of the immune defense in the central nervous system. The activation of these cells is a sign of a brain disease, so the fact that the essential oil of turmeric contains a component capable of stopping the dangerous activation of these cells is strongly helpful in the prevention and treatment of brain pathologies.

Another study in animals showed that aromatic turmerone both in vitro and in vivo causes a rapid increase in the number of neural stem cells. It is therefore believed to be a promising and effective natural method to support the regeneration necessary for improving the neurological function of patients with Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, spinal cord injury and stroke.


4.Relieves symptoms of depression and anxiety

Turmeric essential oil is considered a strong relaxant and rebalancing and studies show how it can effectively fight two more than common mood disorders:depressionand anxiety. Promotes mood and positive feelings.

A double-blind study of 56 patients with depressive disorders shows how BCM-95 supplementation (turmeric extract) not only reduces symptoms of depression but also works as an anxiolytic agent when administered for a period of at least eight weeks. BCM-95 is the result of the synergistic combination of curcumin and turmeric essential oil, with the absence of synthetic additives.

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5.Ally against breast cancer

Research shows how the aromatic turmerone found in turmeric essential oil inhibits the unwanted enzyme activity of MMP-9 (a class of enzymes involved in the breakdown of the extracellular matrix) and COX-2 (an enzyme found in the body only during inflammatory processes) in breast cancer cells. Furthermore, turmerone significantly inhibits the formation, invasion and migration of TPAs in cancer cells. TPAs are tumor markers, proteins synthesized by different types of tumors such as breast cancer that could indicate cell proliferation.

6.Improve flu symptoms

The anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric prove useful even in the simplest cases of nasal congestion that generally accompany the common cold. Add a few drops of turmeric essential oil to a diffuser or tub of hot water and inhale the vapors. It will quickly relieve the feeling of a stuffy nose and fight the germs that are the primary cause of your ailment.


7.Possible reduction of leukemia cells

There is a study evaluating the effects of the aromatic turmerone isolated from turmeric on the DNA of human cells affected by leukemia. Research shows that turmerone induces a selective programmed death of specific leukemic cell lines. Unfortunately, they do not have the same positive effects on human cancer cells in stomach tumors, so the use of turmerone remains promising for the moment solely for the search for a natural method to defeat leukemia.


8.Support in the battle against colon cancer

A 2013 study conducted at Kyoto University in Japan shows how aromatic turmerone and curcumin (active ingredients in turmeric) have the ability to help fight colon cancer in animals, which holds promise for humans. have difficulty with this disease. The combination of these two bioactive molecules administered orally at both low and high dosages effectively suppresses the formation of tumors.

The results published in the journal BIOFACTORS led the researchers to conclude that turmerone is "the new candidate in the prevention of colon cancer". Furthermore, they suggest that the use of turmerone in combination with curcumin may become a powerful natural prevention tool for colon cancer associated with inflammation.


9.Potential treatment for epilepsy

The anticonvulsant properties of turmeric oil and its sesquiterpenes (aromatic turmerone, alpha and beta turmerone and alpha-atlantone) are observed in both zebrafish and mice that have been chemically induced seizures. More recent research has also shown the same anticonvulsant properties in mice with acute seizures. Turmerone is also able to regulate the expression pattern of two genes related to epilepsy in zebrafish.

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Double chamber capsules

Research has shown that curcuminoids have poor bioavailability, but when combined with turmerones from turmeric essential oil, bioavailability can be increased. Thedouble chamber capsulesthey are truly unique because they combine key ingredients together in a convenient delivery system, resulting in better absorption of turmeric. Unlike other brands that combine turmeric extract with agents like black pepper extract, the double-chamber capsule is a more natural approach.
Along with a healthy diet, regular exercise and good sleep, doTERRA's double-chamber turmeric capsules counteract the fight against free radicals and provide a healthy anti-inflammatory action in the body.

When dōTERRA went to Nepal to source turmeric essential oil, it wasn't just looking for sourcing this amazing plant. turmeric growers like Ram Ekwa.

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How to use

Diffusion: to relieve stress use 2-3 drops in a diffuser

Topical use: To relieve inflammation, dilute 4 drops of turmeric essential oil in fractionated coconut oildoTERRA®and apply locally where necessary

Internal use: use only the highest quality essential oildoTERRA®and dilute 1  drop in a glass of water, tea, in a spoonful of honey, or in a smoothie

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WARNINGS   It can create problems of skin sensitivity. Keep out of reach of children. Before use, consult your doctor if you are breastfeeding or during drug treatment. Avoid contact with the eyes the inside of the ears and sensitive areas. It can stain surfaces, fabrics and leather.

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